Ever since I was a little girl, I have been drawn to books, patterns and textures. As a fairly nerdy child, I enjoyed things like reading the dictionary or hanging out in the library during recess, devouring anything macabre and magical I could find. My introspective, loner self could happily pass the time watching clouds morph or zoom in to a bug's eye view to examine moss and lichens.

After high school I moved to San Francisco to go to the Academy of Art University, where I studied Textile Design, Printmaking and Book Arts. Things started to snowball. I volunteered at the San Francisco Center for the Book, took classes in traditional English bookbinding and restoration. I began exhibiting my art. After college, I apprenticed with Peter Koch, where I was introduced to the world of fine press books.

My creative journey has led me to believe whole-heartedly that life itself is a work of art. I believe that each one of us is uniquely creative. Making and appreciating art, feathering our nests, expressing love and gratitude, caring for our families and ourselves...all of these are creative expressions and each one is food for the soul.